It’s dead

At about 3 yesterday afternoon it was 107 degrees here in the Valley. As I was working on the project the computer began responding very slowly. It’s an old system, that’s nothing new. Then smoke started coming out of the case. That is new. On investigation I found the fan on the northbridge had seized sometime in the past and the chip was now totally fucked. As any of you who are familiar with computers are aware, having part of your motherboard burn out pretty much fucks your system. The computer will boot, and I can get to my files (fortunately, my manuscripts are fine), but it will not run anything more complex than notepad without severe lag and loss. Not even music or video.

So. This is it. This is me throwing in the towel. I’ve done pretty much everything I possibly can to keep with this project, even to the point of turning down other opportunities that might have helped my career. I just can’t do that anymore. I reached the end of my rope a while ago and let go, all I’m finding at the bottom are sharp rocks.

“Fuck you, you’re a faggot, die in hell.” I hear you saying. Eh. Whatever. I’ve lived in crippling poverty long enough at this point that I don’t really have any pride left for you to needle at. I sleep on a floor and eat rice I payed for with donations I received for editing a compilation of jerk off material.

“You’re such a fucking liar.” I hear you say (and have received multiple emails already describing me as such). Man, I really, really, really wish I was. I wish I was kicking back in a nice air conditioned apartment in front of a fully functioning computer. I also wish Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence would stop by for a blow job contest. End of the day, it really doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not. Your inability to accept my situation does not change my situation.

Now, if I can ever get back to a point where I have a computer, and once I’ve crawled out of the deepest depression I’ve felt since I lost my grandpa, I’ll be willing, able, even eager to work with other editors on putting together a Fap Hero project. If you want to step in and take over FH 2, you have my blessing. I’ll even communicate whatever ideas or help I can through email.  I can’t be the only faggot here who knows editing, encoding, and talking all sexy like.

As I am no longer able to contribute content, I will be taking down the donation link. My deepest and most heartfelt thanks to those who kept me in rice, things to chop into said rice, and a nice relaxing smoke on my birthday.

P.S. If the news happens to report a homeless looking man stomping on a broken computer in front of the Universal-Comcast building and screaming “Fuck you, you Dickensian misers! One percent, backstabbing, exploitative fucks!” It’s me. It’s me, I’ve lost it, and let them take me. At least prison has air conditioning and three square a day.


12 thoughts on “It’s dead

  1. nick

    Mind if I take the wheel? I’m basically a novice at these things but I would be happy to contribute. I’m a big fan of your work and I would love to help in any way I can. Just reply if you would like me to. Its not. Its not Like I don’t have enough free time on my hands. I got plenty of that.

  2. Arcus

    I am really, really sorry to hear that. What you do is art, and its sad to know that we will never see all of your work. Hoping things will get better, and if you want, maybe working together with someone, that someone can finish what you almost did (just find someone good so he doesnt screw this up and make sure you get the credits :P) Anyway, will keep an eye out, who know, maybe things work out in the end and you can finally release it 😀

  3. Phin

    If you can, you should upload the source to a public place so people can take a stab at it.
    Thanks for everything man. Get better.

  4. Bo

    Can you at least publish the list of songs and scenes you were gonna use? That might serve as a good base for anyone else building it up.

  5. NeedBiggerClips

    I’m sorry for your misfortunes. :[

    On a bit happier note: Fap Hero is probably the hottest CH I’ve played. It’s brilliant! So thank you very much for making it! 🙂

    I can probably never be able to make something of the same level, but perhaps some day I’ll try.
    Btw, CH POV 2 is out if you’re interested in that kind of stuff!


    I am remaking this giant a reality as we speak. i already have one round down and 6 to go. jjb07201990@gmail is my email. any and all advice and help please send here. I will not let this mans dreams and ours die >:D the GIANT WILL RISE!!!!!!!

      1. LAVITEKA

        Reporting back all videos doen and ready for production faze. unlike some people when my laptop crushes i buy a new one! >:D CANT STOP ME MOTHA FUCKAS

      2. LAVITEKA

        You wanna help? show me how to add the beat bar for the fapping and the voice boxes for when they are talking. i have everything else

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